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Equipment contents

  • 4 shunt clamps type PE20 for holding on six faces nuts and screws with hexagonal head inside of energized parts on LV installations. Brass inner body, nylon external rigid cover and extensible mobile plastic part.
  • Maximum opening 20 mm.
  • 4 short circuiting extraflexible electrolytic copper cables covered by transparent plastic sheath, section 25 mm², length 0.4 m (different lengths on demand).
  • Central quadri-furcating connector.
  • Ground extraflexible electrolytic copper cable covered by transparent rubber sheath, section 16 mm², length 3 m (different lengths on demand).
  • Forged brass earth clamp, clamping capacity up to 33 mm type MT33.
  • Rigid plastic case type 170/38.

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